EMS Director Jerry Gray leads a group of dedicated volunteers
to assist residents and visitors in case of a medical emergency.

Hinsdale County EMS is a volunteer-based organization that
provides emergency medical care to citizens of Lake City &
Hinsdale County as well as visitors to the area.  In order to
provide quality emergency care in the remote Lake City area,
Hinsdale County's team of Volunteer EMT's have an abundance
of life-saving skills.
311 North Henson Street/Box 277
Lake City, CO 81235
Ph. 970-944-2806 Fax 970-944-2630
Med 92 Rescue on Cinnamon Pass, American Basin.
Hinsdale County EMS Response Team
Lake City's Life Savers
Responding for the injured and the ill day or night, rain, shine or
snow, in town or on a 14,000 foot peak, on the highway or in
the Wilderness.  All Volunteer 24 / 7 / 365
Keep EMS
Funded to save
Donations to:

Hinsdale County EMS
Box 277
Lake City, CO 81235
Hinsdale County Emergency Medical Services
Reverse 911 - Code Red
Approximately 25% of households today rely on cell phones as their only
communications resource. Our local government utilizes several methods of
communication to warn us (radio, television, etc); however, specific warning
messages are geographically distributed to landlines and registered cell phones.
Emergency messages cannot be distributed to cell phones without voluntary
registration of those devices. Registration of your cell phone is used solely for
emergency notification purposes and will not be sold or distributed.
  • Missing person alerts
  • Crime alerts to specific areas
  • Natural disaster alerts
  • Weather related safety warnings
  • Hazardous materials spills
  • Homeland Security alerts
  • Neighborhood emergencies
Our fantastic
group of EMT

Annette Anthony -
Sara Barker - WEMT-IV
John Bonner - WEMT-I
Keith Chambers - EMT-I
Becky Campbell EMT-I
Guy Corder - WFR/Driver
Bruce Curry - Driver
Luke de la Parra -
Lollie Krause - WFR
Bob Downs -
PA, Paramedic
Beuford Durmon - MD
Gudrun Durmon -
X-Ray Tech
David Evans - Driver
Jerry Gray - Paramedic
Rick Hernandez - WEMT-IV
Lori Lawrence - WEMT-IV
Michelle Murphy -WEMT-I
Lucky O'Dubhaigh -
Deborah Smith - EMT
Patrick Tubbs - WFR
Buffy Witt - Paramedic
Gary Witt -
MD, Phys Advisor

Thank you!