Administration Office
311 N. Henson Street/Box 277 Lake City, CO 81235
Ph. 970-944-2225  Fax. 970-944-2630

Stan Whinnery - Chair
Susan Thompson - Vice Chair
Cindy Dozier

Ph. 970-944-2225
Administrator - Deanna Cooper
Accounting/Budget/Human Resources-
Administrative Assistant- Sandy Hines

Building Department/Enviromental Health
Ph. 970-944-2225
Building Inspector- Jack Nichols

County Attorney
Michael O'Loughlin

EMS/ Coroner
Ph. 970-944-2806
Director/Coroner- Jerry Gray
Deputy Coroner- Jodi Lindsey

Veteran's Services
Ph. 970-944-2225
Erin Cavit
County Courthouse
317 N. Henson Street/ Box 9 Lake City, CO 81235
Ph. 970-944-2225 Fax. 970-944-2202

Clerk & Recorder
Ph. 970-944-2225
*Clerk- Joan Roberts
Deputy Clerk-

Ph. 970-944-2225
Lori Lawrence

Ph. 970-944-2225
Luke de la Parra
Deputy Assessor- Sherry Boyce

Judicial System
Ph. 970-944-2227
Al Lutz
Clerk of the Court- Joan Anastasion
* Elected Officials
Public Health Department
304 East 3rd Street/ Box 277  Lake City, CO 81235
Ph. 970-944-0321 Fax. 970-944-1122

Public Health
Ph. 970-944-0321
Tara Hardy, M.S. – Director
Shawna Shidler, RN, BSN – Public Health Nurse and Health Educator
Carol Lynn Scheller – Emergency Preparedness Coordinator and Health Inspector
Jacqi Kambish – Senior Services Coordinator and Options Counselor
Julie Klug – Prevention Services Coordinator
Sheriffs Department
311 North Henson Street/ Box 127 Lake City, CO 81235
Ph. 970-944-2291 Fax. 970-944-2744

Sheriff's Department
*Ron Bruce - Sheriff
Justin Casey - Under Sheriff
Chris Kambish - Deputy Sheriff
Denham Starnes - Deputy Sheriff
Andy Dozier- Deputy Sheriff
Bobbi McDonald - Administrative Manager
Tommy Carl - Reserves
John Bonner - Reserves
Hinsdale County Road & Bridge
1775 North Highway 149 / Box 277 Lake City, CO 81235
Ph. 970-944-2400 Fax. 970-944-2405

County Shop
Supervisor - Monte Hannah
Shop Mechanic - Don Menzies

Norman Ragle
Butch Hurd
JoAllen Blowers
John Bebout
Gavin McNitt
Breck Thompson
Seasonal - Larry Cadwell

Piedra/ Southend
Jene Snow
Warren Decker

Transfer Station
Attendant - Dawn Kortmeyer