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Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm
Hinsdale County Treasurer's Office
The primary functions of the Treasurer’s office are to deposit all monies
collected daily. Those include all tax payments and miscellaneous
collections from state and county.

The county treasurer is responsible for:
* Collection of property tax payments
* Distribution of property tax payments to the taxing districts
* Investment of county funds
* Maintaining correct and proper accounting of all county monies
* Mailing property tax statements to taxpayers

Certificates of Authenticity
Additionally, we provide certificates of authenticity for the transfer of
ownership of mobile homes and moving permits for mobile homes.
Property Taxes
Tax notices are mailed to the last known address during the third week in
January (approximately). Taxes are collected for the previous year, i.e.
2009 tax is payable in 2010. Delinquent notices go out the first week in

Taxes are payable in one lump sum due April 30 or in two equal
installments due February 28 and June 15. If payment deadlines are not
met, interest is charged at the rate of 1% per month. (Per Colorado
revised Statutes).  Unpaid balances as of September 30 are subject to
advertising in the Silver World Newspaper, the cost of which is payable
with the delinquent tax and interest. Unpaid amounts at the time of the
annual tax lien sale in December will be subject to that sale. There is a
three year redemption period for the owner from the date of the sale. If
the tax has not been paid three years from the date of the sale, the
certificate holder can then apply for a treasurer's deed.

Your tax notice should be mailed to you even if you escrow taxes with
your lender. In most cases they contact us directly for tax amounts for
their customers.
Failure to receive a tax statement does not exempt the taxpayer from
prompt payment of the taxes due. If you have not received a tax
statement by February 7th, please contact the Treasurer’s Office at 970-
944-2223 and a duplicate statement will be mailed.

Questions regarding the calculation of your tax or the value placed on
your property should be directed to the
Hinsdale County Assessor, 970-

The Treasurer is also the Public Trustee in most counties in Colorado. A
few Public Trustee's are appointed by the Governor every term. The
function of the Public Trustee is to administer releases of deeds of trust
and foreclosures.
Treasurer's Office
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This data is subject to change at
any time.  If you believe that any of
this information is incorrect
please contact our office.
Hinsdale County is
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